Magic: Sterling Living in 'Stone Ages,' 'Not Welcome' in NBA

Magic: Sterling Living in 'Stone Ages,' 'Not Welcome' in NBA

Magic Johnson said that Donald Sterling is living in the “Stone Ages” and is “not welcome” in the league. 

“He should not be welcomed by the owners. I hope they vote it right,” Johnson said on CNN on Tuesday in an interview with Anderson Cooper. 

He said fans and players, from what he gathered during Sunday’s Clippers game against the Thunder, “don’t want to see Donald Sterling as the owner anymore.”

But Johnson said he was in favor of letting the process play out. 

He emphasized that “other players in the NBA don’t love him” and said, “we can’t have this type of action in our league or in our society. We just can’t have it.”

He also said he did not think “the players, the fans, the sponsors” would be in favor of anyone in the Sterling family owning the team.

“Donald Sterling is not welcome back in the NBA,” Johnson emphasized.