Lions Fan's Tattoo Foretells Super Bowl Victory

Lions Fan's Tattoo Foretells Super Bowl Victory

The prophecy tattoo didn’t come true for Eric Hartburg and Mitt Romney. It nearly worked for Tyler Austin Black and the University of Kentucky basketball team. For Tim Connors and the Seattle Seahawks, a preseason prediction of a Super Bowl victory inked into the skin guaranteed the win.

David Morian, a twenty-three-year-old Lions fan from Grand Blanc, Michigan, tattooed a Lions insignia, the Lombardi Trophy, and “2015 champs” into the skin on his left leg yesterday. Technically, the NFL doesn’t crown the 2015 champs until the 2016 Super Bowl, so perhaps Morian hedges his bets here. But it’s a Lions Super Bowl tattoo, after all, so the conservative approach doesn’t seem Morian’s style.  

The Detroit Lions haven’t won a playoff game since George H.W. Bush–you know that guy who celebrated his 90th birthday yesterday by jumping out of the sky–sat in the Oval Office. The time before that, Dwight Eisenhower served as president. They boast one winning record since 2000. The Lions are the only NFL team that has played in all 48 seasons ending with a Super Bowl and not played in a Super Bowl. For the love of Billy Sims, Wayne Fontes is their Bill Belichick.

Why not get a tattoo naming the Winnipeg Jets the Super Bowl champions?