U.S. Astronauts Lose Bet and Their Hair Over World Cup Game

U.S. Astronauts Lose Bet and Their Hair Over World Cup Game

Two NASA astronauts serving on the International Space Station lost a bet over the World Cup game between Germany and the U.S. They also lost their hair with Germany’s 1-0 win on Thursday.

U.S. astronauts Steve Swanson and Reid Wiseman agreed to shave their heads if Germany beat the U.S. team at the World Cup. Unfortunately for the spacemen, Germany beat the U.S. by a single goal.

In return, German astronaut Alexander Gerst promised that if the U.S. team won he would paint a U.S. flag on his already bald pate. But Thursday’s game necessitated no painting.

There was some question about whether or not the shearing could be done, but Gerst soon Tweeted, “Good game @ussoccer too! Let’s repeat in the final… Good to know I can work as a barber after flight!”

The game on June 26 brought some of the highest ratings ever for World Cup viewing in the U.S.

The crew members also celebrated the World Cup by playing a little soccer match of their own in zero gravity featuring the sort of kicks that people on earth might envy.

Despite the loss, the U.S. team goes on to another round, though, after Ghana lost to Portugal.

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