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Michael Phelps Popped For Second DUI

Michael Phelps Popped For Second DUI

Police in Baltimore arrested Michael Phelps for a DUI on Tuesday at 1:40 a.m.

According to multiple reports and confirmed by the Maryland Transportation Authority, police clocked the 29-year-old Olympic swimming marvel driving 84 mph inside the Fort McHenry Tunnel in Baltimore earning him two additional charges for excessive speeding and crossing double-lane lines.

ESPN reported that the incident marks the second drunk-driving arrest for Phelps. He was sentenced to 18 months probation in November of 2004 after pleading guilty to drunken driving. After his sentencing, CBS News reported that the swimming legend told the judge, “I recognize the seriousness of this mistake. I’ve learned from this mistake and will continue learning from this mistake for the rest of my life.” 

The prolific Phelps holds the record for most Olympic medals with 22 and most gold, at 18. Phelps is currently attempting a comeback, claiming that he misses the pool. He has his eye on competing in the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Critics say that a poor performance could affect his legacy.

“It doesn’t matter,” Phelps said. “I’m doing this because I enjoy it. … Whatever the American public says it will or won’t do for my legacy, that doesn’t bother me. I’m doing this because I enjoy being in the water, and I’m enjoying the competing. And that’s the only reason I’m here.”


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