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College Football Saturday Schedule: Irish for Real?

College Football Saturday Schedule: Irish for Real?

The Pythagorean Ratings do not give Notre Dame high marks for barely surviving a UNC upset, plunging the Irish to a 17-point (39-22) underdog against Florida State Saturday in the marque game on the schedule below. Others excuse the Irish as just looking ahead, and Las Vegas will not even hazard a guess in fear of Jameis Winston being pulled from the game at the last minute.

The only other Power 5 Conference team with a non-conference game is South Carolina, which hosts Furman of the FCS. The MAC (Kent hosts Army) and MWC (Nevada visits BYU) complete the only four teams with non-conference opponents this weekend.

The scoreboard below indicates the time, opponent, and predicted result of each game this weekend. A team’s ability to exceed their projection gives them a score of +10 to -10. The big winner so far in the Thursday/Friday games was Louisiana Lafayette, which was an 5-point (23-18) underdog at North Texas but won 34-10 for a +7.1 score (+4.9 square root of actual win margin is 7.1 better than -2.2 projected square root of losing margin).

Conf Team Time/Score Venue Opp Pred 10 to -10
AAC Cincinnati 3:30pm ET at SMU 24-23  
AAC Connecticut   idle Connecticut    
AAC East Carolina     is idle    
AAC Houston 31-10 host Temple 31-25 2.1
AAC Memphis     is idle    
AAC SMU 3:30pm ET host Cincinnati 23-24  
AAC South Florida 12:00pm ET at Tulsa 28-27  
AAC Temple 10-31 at Houston 25-31 -2.1
AAC Tulane 12:00pm ET at UCF 12-37  
AAC Tulsa 12:00pm ET host South Florida 27-28  
AAC UCF 12:00pm ET host Tulane 37-12  
ACC Boston College 3:30pm ET host Clemson 31-42  
ACC Clemson 3:30pm ET at Boston College 42-31  
ACC Duke 12:30pm ET host Virginia 39-31  
ACC v Ind FLORIDA ST 8:00pm ET host Notre Dame 39-22  
ACC Georgia Tech 7:00pm ET at North Carolina 35-36  
ACC Louisville 3:30pm ET host NC State 46-23  
ACC Miami FL     is idle    
ACC NC State 3:30pm ET at Louisville 23-46  
ACC North Carolina 7:00pm ET host Georgia Tech 36-35  
ACC Pittsburgh 21-16 host Virginia Tech 26-35 5.2
ACC Syracuse 12:00pm ET at Wake Forest 21-15  
ACC Virginia 12:30pm ET at Duke 31-39  
ACC Virginia Tech 16-21 at Pittsburgh 35-26 -5.2
ACC Wake Forest 12:00pm ET host Syracuse 15-21  
B10 Illinois     is idle    
B10 Indiana 3:30pm ET host Michigan St 18-35  
B10 Iowa 12:00pm ET at Maryland 18-21  
B10 Maryland 12:00pm ET host Iowa 21-18  
B10 Michigan     is idle    
B10 Michigan St 3:30pm ET at Indiana 35-18  
B10 Minnesota 12:00pm ET host Purdue 28-16  
B10 Nebraska 7:30pm ET at Northwestern 25-19  
B10 Northwestern 7:30pm ET host Nebraska 19-25  
B10 Ohio St 3:30pm ET host Rutgers 38-21  
B10 Penn St     is idle    
B10 Purdue 12:00pm ET at Minnesota 16-28  
B10 Rutgers 3:30pm ET at Ohio St 21-38  
B10 Wisconsin     is idle    
B12 Baylor 12:00pm ET at West Virginia 51-29  
B12 Iowa St 8:00pm ET at Texas 20-31  
B12 Kansas 3:30pm ET at Texas Tech 18-35  
B12 Kansas St 12:00pm ET at Oklahoma 25-28  
B12 Oklahoma 12:00pm ET host Kansas St 28-25  
B12 Oklahoma St 4:00pm ET at TCU 23-27  
B12 TCU 4:00pm ET host Oklahoma St 27-23  
B12 Texas 8:00pm ET host Iowa St 31-20  
B12 Texas Tech 3:30pm ET host Kansas 35-18  
B12 West Virginia 12:00pm ET host Baylor 29-51  
CUSA FL Atlantic 12:00pm ET host W Kentucky 26-31  
CUSA Florida Intl 6:00pm ET host Marshall 32-39  
CUSA Louisiana Tech 12:00pm ET host UT San Antonio 35-29  
CUSA Marshall 6:00pm ET at Florida Intl 39-32  
CUSA Middle Tenn St   host UAB 43-42  
CUSA North Texas 7:00pm ET host Southern Miss 40-18  
CUSA Old Dominion     is idle    
CUSA Rice     is idle    
CUSA Southern Miss 7:00pm ET at North Texas 18-40  
CUSA UAB 3:30pm ET at Middle Tenn St 42-43  
CUSA UT San Antonio 12:00pm ET at Louisiana Tech 29-35  
CUSA UTEP     is idle    
CUSA W Kentucky 12:00pm ET at FL Atlantic 31-26  
FCS v SEC FURMAN 12:00pm ET at South Carolina 14-41  
Ind v MAC ARMY 3:30pm ET at Kent 26-12  
Ind v MWC BYU 10:15pm ET host Nevada 43-31  
Ind Navy     is idle    
Ind v ACC NOTRE DAME 8:00pm ET at Florida St 22-39  
MAC Akron 2:00pm ET at Ohio 22-19  
MAC Ball St 3:30pm ET at C Michigan 20-29  
MAC Bowling Green 2:00pm ET host W Michigan 26-15  
MAC Buffalo     is idle    
MAC C Michigan 3:30pm ET host Ball St 29-20  
MAC E Michigan 3:00pm ET at Massachusetts 17-27  
MAC v Ind KENT 3:30pm ET host Army 12-26  
MAC Massachusetts 3:00pm ET host E Michigan 27-17  
MAC Miami OH 5:00pm ET at N Illinois 12-36  
MAC N Illinois 5:00pm ET host Miami OH 36-12  
MAC Ohio 2:00pm ET host Akron 19-22  
MAC Toledo     is idle    
MAC W Michigan 2:00pm ET at Bowling Green 15-26  
MWC Air Force 3:30pm ET host New Mexico 38-32  
MWC Boise St 37-27 host Fresno St 43-25 -1.1
MWC Colorado St 7:00pm ET host Utah St 20-20  
MWC Fresno St 27-37 at Boise St 25-43 1.1
MWC Hawaii 10:30pm ET at San Diego St 27-34  
MWC v Ind NEVADA 10:15pm ET at BYU 31-43  
MWC New Mexico 3:30pm ET at Air Force 32-38  
MWC San Diego St 10:30pm ET host Hawaii 34-27  
MWC San Jose St 4:00pm ET at Wyoming 40-36  
MWC UNLV     is idle    
MWC Utah St 7:00pm ET at Colorado St 20-20  
MWC Wyoming 4:00pm ET host San Jose St 36-40  
P12 Arizona     is idle    
P12 Arizona St 10:30pm ET host Stanford 21-27  
P12 California 3:30pm ET host UCLA 23-38  
P12 Colorado 6:00pm ET at USC 14-40  
P12 Oregon 8:00pm ET host Washington 32-17  
P12 Oregon St 23-29 OT host Utah 25-29 1
P12 Stanford 10:30pm ET at Arizona St 27-21  
P12 UCLA 3:30pm ET at California 38-23  
P12 USC 6:00pm ET host Colorado 40-14  
P12 Utah 29-23 OT at Oregon St 29-25 -1
P12 Washington 8:00pm ET at Oregon 17-32  
P12 Washington St     is idle    
SBC Appalachian St 3:00pm ET at Troy 18-32  
SBC Arkansas St     is idle    
SBC Ga Southern     is idle    
SBC Georgia St 7:30pm ET at South Alabama 11-29  
SBC Idaho 5:00pm ET host New Mexico St 25-27  
SBC New Mexico St 5:00pm ET at Idaho 27-25  
SBC South Alabama 7:30pm ET host Georgia St 29-11  
SBC Texas St 10-34 host ULL 23-18 -7.1
SBC Troy 3:00pm ET host Appalachian St 32-18  
SBC ULL 34-10 at Texas St 18-23 7.1
SBC ULM     is idle    
SEC Alabama 3:30pm ET host Texas A&M 43-24  
SEC Arkansas 4:00pm ET neu Georgia 24-31  
SEC Auburn     is idle    
SEC Florida 7:00pm ET host Missouri 22-23  
SEC Georgia 4:00pm ET neu Arkansas 31-24  
SEC Kentucky 7:30pm ET at LSU 26-34  
SEC LSU 7:30pm ET host Kentucky 34-26  
SEC Mississippi 7:00pm ET host Tennessee 36-16  
SEC Mississippi St     is idle    
SEC Missouri 7:00pm ET at Florida 23-22  
SEC v FCS SOUTH CAROLINA 12:00pm ET host Furman 41-14  
SEC Tennessee 7:00pm ET at Mississippi 16-36  
SEC Texas A&M 3:30pm ET at Alabama 24-43  
SEC Vanderbilt     is idle  


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