Hershey’s Sends 200 Pounds of Chocolate Sauce to Washington Nationals

Ryan Zimmerman, Max Scherzer
The Associated Press

Red Auerbach lit a cigar. The Washington Nationals prefer bathing in chocolate syrup.

Hershey’s sent the team 200 pounds of chocolate syrup on Thursday. The team rewards–Is that the right word?–batters who hit walk-off game-winning RBIs, or some other laudable plate accomplishment, with a shower of the sweet, sticky stuff.

“You know, what’s your favorite ice cream topping?” pitcher Max Scherzer asked the MLB Network’s Kevin Millar. “Chocolate syrup. You know, it tops it all off. So when you have a great win, and you have a walk-off win, let’s top it off with the best topping there is: chocolate syrup. So, what are you gonna do about that? It’s the best thing there is.”

Scherzer doused Ryan Zimmerman with a bottle of chocolate after he hit a 10th inning home run to defeat the New York Yankees 8-6 on Tuesday night.

The Nationals continued their winning ways on Wednesday. Denard Span hit an RBI single to put the team ahead 3-2 for good in the seventh.

The Washington Nationals sit atop the NL East with a 24-17 record–and 108 more bottles of chocolate.