Stan Wawrinka Lashes Out at French Open for Posting Article about His Personal Life

Stan Warwrinka

Stan Wawrinka blasted French Open organizers after an article on his personal life appeared on the tournament’s official website.

The article was supposed to preview Wawrinka’s first round match against Turkey’s Marsel Ilhan. The author dove into specific details about Wawrinka’s divorce from his wife and his off-court personal relationships.

“It was a completely stupid article,” he exclaimed. “For a Grand Slam website, it should be an article about the tennis and that’s it. It was a s— article.”

Articles on tournament websites usually stick to business on the court. They might include offhand remarks about non-tennis issues, but they rarely go off the deepend as this article did.

“The guy who wrote the article, I suppose is not a journalist,” he continued. “I also think the website should scrutinize what that appears on the page so as to avoid articles that don’t talk about the game.”

The tournament removed the article, but some caught screen caps of the article and circulated the pictures on social media.

Only a few hours earlier, Roger Federer, Wawrinka’s Davis Cup teammate, blasted the French Open security for allowing a fan to jump onto the court and attempt a selfie with the tennis great. It took security almost five seconds to reach the intruder. Federer told the media four kids did the same thing to him at practice on Saturday.