When the Circus Comes to Town: Tiger Woods US Open Edition

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images
Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

From Brendan Porath writing at SBNation:

There should be nothing noteworthy or noticeable about the 195th-ranked player in the world missing the cut and shooting 16-over par at the U.S. Open, but Tiger Woods is the biggest circus act in sports right now.

The 14-time major winner came to the Pacific Northwest for a truncated two-day stay at the U.S. Open. That was still plenty of time to take in the full Tiger experience. There were awful shots, career worsts, embarrassing moments, and an overflowing and polarized crowd lining the fairway. It should not be fun for anyone, but it’s still gripping.

Tiger spent his two days playing one group behind Jordan Spieth. Woods is still the headliner every time he goes out on a golf course, but it was a sad contrast each and every time those back-to-back groups came through a particular corner of Chambers Bay. At the 17th on Friday, Spieth hit a perfect tee shot into a gettable pin placement at the intimidating par-3. He drilled the putt, making his fourth birdie in his first seven holes to take the lead.

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