Thunderstruck: Cubs Blame AC/DC for Error


AC/DC performed their new song “Play Ball” at a Wrigley Field concert last week. But ever since the 20-song performance, soon available on DVD, the Chicago Cubs just can’t play ball in quite the same way.

“Since the AC/DC concert, we’ve had a little bit of trouble,” Cubs manager Maddon explained Monday night. “I don’t know if they were out there taking ground balls before the [concert], or if they had 9-inch heels or spikes.”

Maddon blames the hard rockers for the hard hops in the infield.

Second baseman Starlin Castro muffed a grounder in the third inning of Monday night’s 9-5 win over the Milwaukee Brewers. His manager says don’t blame him.

“They totally messed up the infield, and it has nothing to do with the groundskeepers,” Maddon told the press Monday night. “I’ve seen a bad hop at third, and a bad hop at second. I didn’t see one bad hop all year. We just got to get it ironed out because I think Starlin has done a nice job at second base. I don’t want anyone blaming him on that error. It was a weird hop.”