Museum Dedicated to Former NBA Player Stephon Marbury Opens in China

Stephon Marbury AP
Beijing, China

Stephon Marbury didn’t enjoy as much success in the NBA that he’d hoped, but becoming a member of the Beijing Ducks has brought him much more acclaim. In fact, he’s become so famous there that a museum dedicated to his career is set to open in China’s leading city.

The 300-square-foot museum opens to the public next week. The player celebrated with a Tweet saying, “Jesus did it.”

According to ESPN, Marbury led the Beijing Ducks to three out of the past four Chinese Basketball Association championships. Last season he was named finals MVP for the first time. He averaged 29.7 points, 4.8 rebounds, 5.7 assists, and 2 steals over the best-of-seven series, which Beijing won 4-2, the sports site noted

After being a notable college player at Georgia Tech, Marbury was Milwaukee’s first-round pick in 1996. But it wasn’t long before he was traded to Minnesota. Over the next few seasons Marbury bounced from New Jersey to Phoenix and then to the New York Knicks before ending his NBA career in 2009 with Boston.

With his NBA prospects dimming, Marbury took off to China in 2010 in hopes of starting his basketball career anew. And in China, his whole world changed. Now he says his Chinese jersey means more to him than any other.

“My Beijing jersey means more to me than any of them. I don’t [say] that because of the championship, but just because I’m here at home and I’ve had a support system,” Marbury told the Chinese press.

“All those places that I’ve played at is a preparation for me to come to Beijing. For me, my Beijing jersey will be the jersey that I will retire here in China,” he added.

The museum opened in his honor is not the first accolade Chinese authorities have bestowed upon him. Marbury also had a statue erected in 2012 and there was even a musical inspired by his career that played in Beijing theaters. The player even had an acting part in the show.

Marbury has pledged to make China his home even after his playing days are over and said he’d like to become a Chinese Basketball Association coach at some point.

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