Broncos, Panthers Select Uniforms for Super Bowl

Peyton Manning
The Associated Press

The Denver Broncos opt to wear white uniforms for the Super Bowl.

Despite playing nearly 1,000 miles from the Mile High City, Denver enters the contest in Santa Clara as the home team. And as such, they possess the right to wear the colors of their choice. For the Broncos, the style statements include going orange crush, royal blue, or white with the jerseys.

“We’ve had Super Bowl success in our white uniforms,” team president John Elway reasoned in selecting the least colorful color option.

Elway surely knows something about success and failure. The Broncos, who own a 2-5 record in Super Bowls, remain winless (0-4) in their familiar orange. These losses include two ’80s-era defeats with Elway at the helm. The team boasts a 1-0 record in blue, beating the Green Bay Packers in 1997 wearing the color. The Broncos split games against the Giants and Falcons wearing white.

The home team’s decision helped make the road team’s for them. The Carolina Panthers wear their black jerseys come Super Bowl Sunday.

The NFL, fortunately, did not give the teams the “color rush” option. The color-blind community expresses its gratitude. The fashion police says “thank you,” too.