Sporting News Columnist: Belichick’s Trump Endorsement Should Make You Hate the Patriots

Belichick Brady

In a perfect example of why so many Americans lose interest in professional sports, a columnist decided to diss millions of sports fans who support Donald Trump by exclaiming that Patriots coach Bill Belichick’s endorsement of the GOP nominee should make us all hate the New England Patriots.

Wallowing in his liberal hate for anyone who doesn’t follow his line on politics, columnist Sean Gentille slammed Coach Belichick for his last-minute endorsement of real estate mogul Donald Trump for president.

Trump read Belichick’s endorsement letter at a rally in New Hampshire on the eve of Election Day.

Almost immediately members of the media claimed that the endorsement announcement must be a false claim. But by Tuesday morning the media began to realize that it really was true. The endorsement was real.

Apparently the shock of the endorsement was too much for Sean Gentille who decided that the coach’s nod to Trump should cause everyone to hate Belichick and his team.

Gentille admitted that many reporters imagined that Trump’s claim that the coach endorsed him was a lie. The columnist said many thought Trump “goosed the wording” of Belichick’s letter to make it seem like an endorsement when it wasn’t.

But the writer went on to ruefully note that it was all too real.

“Not so,” Gentille wrote, “according to CSN New England’s Tom E. Curran, who reports Belichick ‘dropped the note’ to Trump, which Trump read onstage.”

After this shock to the writer’s delicate mental balance, he goes on to conclude that we should now hate the Patriots.

Now, though, you’re seeing the Pats’ head coach (and QB, to a less explicit extent) throw his lot in with the nationalist strongman. Bill Belichick doesn’t just support Donald Trump, either; he seems to speak like him.

Given your stance on Goodell — maybe you hate his authoritarian streak, or his apparent passion for lying in the face of obvious facts — there’s a pretty good chance you aren’t pro-Trump. So, now, you have a new reason to root against New England. Congrats, and welcome back.

This is the sort of stuff that has soured an awful lot of long-time NFL fans on the sport. Ratings have totally crashed this year and it’s been so bad that the TV networks and the NFL have been forced to return millions of dollars to advertisers because there haven’t been as many viewers watching those commercials.

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