Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Likens Trump Election to Jerry Springer

Golden State Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr gives directions during the 2016 NBA Playoffs at ORACLE Arena on April 18, 2016 in Oakland, California

Not wanting to get outdone by the hysterical bleating of Pistons Coach Stan Van Gundy, Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr decided to go off on an anti-Trump rant of his own at a press conference on Wednesday.

Make sure to watch until the end, where Jerry Springer gets a plug:

Really? You talked about this with your team? Did the Warriors decide to scrap the basketball portion of basketball practice to talk about the election?

I must confess ignorance as to when Donald Trump directly insulted Steve Kerr’s wife and daughter, much less his entire basketball team. Steve Kerr apparently got the anti-Trump talking points memo, though, because his comments almost to the letter mirror what Stan Van Gundy said earlier in the day, specifically, the charges of insulting women and minorities. Even the Patriots Martellus Bennett did something similar when he wrote a letter to his daughter on Instagram in response to a hypothetical question about what the election would mean for her life.

That Kerr and Van Gundy find Donald Trump so reprehensible implies they would have found a President-elect Hillary Clinton much more palatable.

A Hillary Clinton White House would have brought, for the second time, an alleged rapist in Bill Clinton living rent-free in our country’s snazziest public housing accommodation. The same Bill Clinton who once told Ted Kennedy that Barack Obama would have been “getting us coffee” a few years ago.

If Hillary won we would have a woman who, as a lawyer in Arkansas, defended a child rapist while accusing that rapist’s 12-year-old victim of asking for it by alleging she had a history of seeking out older men. Hillary later laughed about the case, audibly, on tape.

Hillary Clinton ran a war room to deal with the “bimbo eruptions” that arose from her husband’s serial philandering, and alleged rapes and sexual assaults. She literally created a program that suppressed women harmed by someone who habitually objectified women at best, an outright criminal at worst.

How would Steve Kerr explain that to his daughter? If Hillary had been elected, would he not feel embarrassment for his wife and daughter knowing that their commander-in-chief put personal political gain over preventing the lifelong scarring of women?

The next time he decides to talk politics instead of playing basketball, will Kerr explain to his majority-black team that the First Laddie thinks they serve as nothing more than the help?

If the sports media even remotely concerns itself with objectivity, somebody might want to ask him these questions.

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