MMA Star Conor McGregor Joins Cast of Game of Thrones

The Associated Press

Conor McGregor, UFC’s reigning Lightweight Champion and former Featherweight Champion will appear on next season’s Game of Thrones.

According to Watchers on theWall, the most popular mixed martial arts fighter in the world is cast as a pirate belonging to Euron Greyjoy’s crew on the ship Silence.

For those following the blockbuster original HBO series based on George R.R. Martin’s best-selling ‘A Song of Ice and Fire,’ you may recall from last season that the ship is called the Silence because Euron renders his crew mute by cutting out their tongues. For the diehard GoT aficionados worrying about a non-actor undermining the show, worry no more.  The 28-year-old Irishman will be making only a cameo appearance and there is no speaking involved with the part.

Movie Pilot reported that GoT picked McGregor because one if its directors “is a huge UFC fan,” and believed that “he would be a perfect fit for the show.”

Ser Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane in the HBO series played by Icelander Hafþór Júlíus “Thor” Björnsson, who also happens to be the strongest man in Europe in 2015, took to a friendly spar with McGregor. From the size of things it looks like this time McGregor may have met more than his match:


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