Smart Aleck Teammates Leave Texans Rookie With Huge Bar Tab

The Associated Press

Rookies are the butt of jokes in nearly every profession, but in the NFL it can come at a cost as Houston Texans rookie K.J. Dillon found out when he ordered a $16 salad but ended up stuck with a $16,000 dinner bill and bar tab, racked up by his teammates.

After accompanying teammates to a night on the town after the team’s Week 15 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars, the fifth-round draft pick ruefully tweeted (but later deleted) the results of his evening with a photo of the bill captioned “When you get left with the tab.”

A screen shot of the receipt taken by CBS Sports shows orders for quite a lot of high-dollar meals. Some of the meals included seven orders of sea bass with lobster ($349.65), two filet mignons ($105.90), two broiled Atlantic salmon ($83.90), and a HUGE bill for 22 Hennessy Pardis Imperials at a whopping $7,700.00.

Oh, and there was also an entry for one Caesar salad at $12.95. Apparently that was Dillon’s order, as the player later tweeted.

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