Richard Sherman to Media Member: ‘I’ll Ruin Your Career’

richard sherman

Watching the speed and violence with which Seattle’s Richard Sherman plays football, one could certainly come away with the impression that he’s trying to end the careers of other players on the field. However, it now appears that Sherman has shifted his focus to trying to end the careers of talk show hosts.

According to Stephen Cohen of, an altercation flared up between Sherman and 7I0 ESPN Seattle host Jim Moore. Sherman disliked Moore’s questions so much that he threatened to get Moore’s media credentials revoked, a move that would ruin Moore’s career, given that he would not have access to the team.

The Seattle Times produced a recording of the incident.

The line of questioning that got Sherman so riled up came from his criticism of Seattle’s offensive play-calling on a Thursday Night game against the Rams. Sherman became visibly irate on the sidelines when the Seahawks threw a dangerous end zone pass from the one yard line, instead of trying to run the ball.

Stephen Cohen of gives a description of what led to the outburst:

When Jim Moore … asked if he believed he had a better idea for a play call at the 1-yard line than Bevell did, Sherman bristled. “No, I just had a prior experience, so we talked about it,” Sherman said. “But let me guess, you have a better play call. Let me guess, you have better experience.”

“No, I don’t have a better play call,” Moore replied.

“Then you should probably stop,” Sherman said.

To his credit, Sherman took to twitter later on to express regret for the incident:

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