Saints Fans Just Might Have Created Mardi Gras Float to Mock Falcons

AP Photo

Well, the Falcons can’t say the Saints never gave them anything.

Only a little over a week removed from the worst, most gut-wrenching loss in franchise history, it’s safe to say that the Atlanta Falcons and their fans have had a rough go of it. New Orleans Saints fans, who count themselves as rivals to the Falcons by virtue of their shared membership in the NFC South, have apparently undertaken an effort to ensure that the Falcons’ fans misery continues a bit longer.

This Mardi Gras float allegedly featuring Matt Ryan and Julio Jones (alleged, due to the fact that those portrayals look nothing like either of them) and the word “ringless,” just might exist and if it does will troll its way down the street during the Mardi Gras parade on February 28th:

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