American Airlines Suspends Charter Service to Several NFL Teams, Other Airlines May Follow

American Airlines flight attendants demand new uniform recall

NFL players may soon get a reminder of how the “other half” lives, at least when it comes to travel.

According to Forbes, American Airlines suspended its charter arrangements with six NFL teams. The teams that will no longer fly American are the Cardinals, Ravens, Colts, Jaguars, Dolphins, and Steelers.

However, weirdly, American will continue to provide charters for the Cowboys, Panthers, and Eagles.

American cites a lack of machinery as the reason for the discontinuation of service. According to Pro Football Talk, the charter suspension issue, “…extends beyond American Airlines. Delta is believed to be doing the same thing, and United could be next. The source said that roughly 20 teams currently don’t have a charter provider for the coming season, and that it could become a ‘real issue’ for the league.”

How amazing that in a league where every owner, and even some athletes, use their own private planes, that chartering flights when traveling for work could become an issue. However, it seems that’s the case.

There is no question that players will have hard time making the adjustment from charter travel to commercial. Just wait until they find out about United’s “reaccomodation” policy.

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