NBA’s Steve Nash: Trump Lacks ‘Credentials’ to be President

Former NBA player Steve Nash looks on in the Verizon Slam Dunk Contest during NBA All-Star Weekend 2016 at Air Canada Centre

NBA Hall-of-Famer, Steve Nash, recalls that President Donald Trump “was a nice enough guy” when he met him in 2007.

Yet, according to Nash, being a nice enough guy isn’t quite enough when you are president of the United States. Nash told Fox Business News, “I mean obviously, Trump is a very difficult one for the rest of the world, if not half of America to accept. You know, I don’t think that people around the world understand how it’s possible and how he has the credentials.”

The NBA’s 3rd all-time leader in assists with 10,335, ignores what the nation’s founding fathers set up as requisite qualifications for being the leader of the country: 35 years of age, being a resident “within the United States” for 14 years, and a “natural born Citizen.” Trump seems to have the credentials by their standards, not to mention that he has four decades of extensive international business experience and a multi-billion dollar bank account as a result of his success.

Surely Nash felt Barack Obama lacked credentials when he was inaugurated for president, as a theretofore community organizer and a one term senator. 

Born in South Africa and a Canadian citizen, Nash told Fox, while sitting in his Gem Saloon bar in NYC, that Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton is “part of the evolution.” Nash explained that it is all “part of our times and our electoral system and politics in this country. Hopefully, it will create change as well and people will find a more efficient way to find a really effective leader.”

Not surprisingly, the former Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, and Los Angeles Lakers point guard would not be praising Trump. Nash was a vocal opponent of SB1070, the controversial Arizona measure that gave police the right to check the immigration status of someone thought to be in the country illegally. Trump holds the office of the president of the United States in great part due to his hardline stance against illegal immigration and his proposal for a wall on the nation’s southern border.

Nash, whose jersey #13 has been retired by the Suns, in 2003 donned a T-shirt during the NBA All-Star weekend with the words, “No War. Shoot for Peace,” to protest the Iraq war.