BTE Sub9 Carbine: A Precision 9mm AR that Uses Glock Double-Stack Magazines

AWR Rifle

Battle Tested Equipment’s (BTE) Sub9 Carbine is a 9mm AR that uses Glock double-stack magazines.

In other words, if you have a Glock 19 or a Glock 17, then you already have the magazines to feed this rifle.

The Sub9 came to Breitbart News by way of a third party connection and quickly became a favorite among guns tested and reviewed.

The rifle comes with a Magpul stock and grip, and the version we shot had BTE Offset Sights, which means the sights were literally offset to right-of-center of the gun (instead of being directly over the barrel like traditional ARs). The purpose for this is to keep the area directly over the upper receiver open for optics–red dot, green dot, etc.–and to allow the gun owner to either aim via the optic or turn the gun slightly to the left and use the pop-up Offset Sights. This design allows the gun owner to quickly switch between the red dot or open sights by simply twisting the gun two inches either way.

We quickly learned that the Offset Sights make for an extremely accurate rifle. (In fact, they made it so accurate that plinking was fun again.)

Amid all the fun one has shooting the Sub9, the feel of the gun never lets one forget it is a precision weapon. All the parts for the gun are machined in house and BTE president George Urmston builds every gun by hand. He told Breitbart News, “I always have, I always will.”

The Sub9 sells for $1595, but BTE is currently running special for Breitbart readers. This means anyone who contacts BTE and mentions the Breitbart review will be able to order a gun equipped with BTE Offset Sights in Patriot Brown/FDE as well as OD Green/FDE for $1395. The rifle also comes with a 33-round magazine.

BTE can be contacted via their website––or George Urmston can be contacted directly at

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