College Hoops Reporter Tweets Pro-Kaepernick Message Into Mayweather-McGregor Pre-Fight Buzz

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AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

No one should be surprised, that a member of the mainstream sports media attempted to work a pro-Kaepernick statement into the buzz surrounding Mayweather-McGregor fight night. Though, who saw it coming six hours before the prelims?

Seth Davis, college basketball reporter for CBS, dipped the proverbial toe into the murky Kaepernick waters with a strained analogy between the former 49er quarterback, and Floyd Mayweather:

In earlier, saner times, Davis’ crossover from sports journalism to political advocacy, would have seemed odd and ill-conceived. Unfortunately, in today’s sports journalism environment, such shenanigans are par for the course.

Also unfortunate for Davis is that Floyd Mayweather perfectly illustrates why Kaepernick does not have a job, why he isn’t being blackballed, and why “America” has nothing to do with it. Floyd Mayweather is a despicable person, that’s not in dispute. Mayweather has been convicted, not just arrested, not just charged, convicted, five times for violence against women.

Yet he stands to make more money in a single night than any fighter in history.  Why?

Well, simply put, he’s the greatest defensive fighter in the history of boxing, and, very much in the discussion as the greatest pound-for-pound fighter ever.

What exactly, is Colin Kaepernick in the discussion for? What has the left constantly said over the last several months, while bemoaning Kaepernick’s unemployment? That he’s one of the best 64 quarterbacks in the league?

Big, whoop.

Making a case for the best to ever play his game, and making a case about a guy who is merely employable, are not equal arguments. No, Kaepernick has never faced arrest, charges, or conviction for hurting a woman. In the literal sense, he has committed no crime. However, unlike Mayweather, Kaepernick’s crime is that he’s not good enough at his job to distract from his distractions.

Mayweather will go into the Hall of Fame for boxing, he will never go into the Hall of Fame as a human being. Yet, his prowess in the ring ensures that he’ll have a job as long as he wants to fight. Kaepernick will soon be an exhibit in the Smithsonian, but he’ll be a ghost on the sidelines. Precisely because he failed to ensure that his level of play, matched his level of advocacy. Also let’s not forget, Kaepernick walked away from the 49ers, not the other way around.

Seth Davis can go ahead and blame Kaepernick for that, not America.


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