Operation Bullpen: Curt Schilling Literally Does Whatever It Takes to Bring Relief Supplies to Houston

Jared Wickersham Getty Images
Getty Images/Jared Wickersham

As the New York Yankees can definitely attest, trying to keep Curt Schilling from doing something he sets out to do, typically ends badly. Not for Schilling of course, but for those people, or in this case, those things, that attempt to stand in his way.

Prior to leaving his home in Medway, Massachusetts, Schilling loaded-up a formidable supply of goods. Throughout the week, Schilling, host of Whatever It Takes on Breitbart XM, collected donations for his trip. Pay Pal donations totaled $5,000. Schilling also received a $100,000 donation from automobile mogul Ernie Boch Jr.

Certainly, with that kind of financial backing, especially from a car magnate, nothing automotive could conspire to undo Schilling’s goodwill mission, right?

Well, not so fast. Schilling issued the Twitter version of an S.O.S. on Saturday:

Of course, when someone like Schilling puts out the bat signal, help arrives soon:

With that help, Schilling arrived in Texas soon after:

Schilling played one season of his MLB career for the Astros. Though with this relief effort, plus rising above all the problems he encountered along the way this weekend, he just made his biggest play for Houston.


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