CrossBreed SuperTuck Holsters: All Day Carry Comfort

SuperTuck Holsters
AWR Hawkins

CrossBreed SuperTuck holsters offer all day comfort for concealed permit holders carrying pistols of shapes and sizes.

The SuperTuck is designed for inside the waistband carry, which means it sits between the permit holder’s pants/jeans and waist. The holster is wide enough to disperse the weight and shape of the gun, making carry so comfortable that it is easy to forget one is even carrying a firearm.

Breitbart News has done an lengthy review of the standard SuperTuck, carrying a Heckler and Koch VP 40 on a daily basis. The VP 40 is hefty – weighing 28.9 ounces with an empty magazine – but it is refined and a perfect concealed pistol for those who want to carry a larger gun. It is striker fired with a trigger that is short and smooth. It holds 13 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber (for 13 +1).

The SuperTuck does not care what the VP 40 weighs, as the holster spreads the weight around and makes carrying the VP 40 as easy as carrying a compact pistol.

Breitbart News has also been reviewing a smaller SuperTuck, horsehide edition, for the Walther PPS M2. We found the same ease of carry and all day comfort that characterized the standard SuperTuck.

The Walther PPS M2 is a 9mm pistol weighing just over 21 ounces and it carries with ease in this horsehide holster.

There are a lot of holsters out there, a large portion of which are for inside the waistband carry. But it is hard to find a holster that makes inside the waistband carry this comfortable.

The CrossBreed Supertuck is a one-of-kind.

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