John Daly Ranks the Golf Skills of the Presidents He’s Played with

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It’s quite a rare feat for a golfer to have golfed with so many current and former presidents that he could rank them. That being said, John Daly is a pretty rare golfer.

Daly recently spoke about all the presidents he’s played with, their skill levels, and personal tendencies.

“He really doesn’t keep score when I play with him,” Daly said via USA Today Sports during an event at Maryland Live! Casino. “We go out and have a good time. We just talk about family and stuff like that. We don’t talk politics.

“We don’t even talk golf. We just go out and have a good time. Every time I played with him — even when I played with (George W.) Bush, it wasn’t even about that, it was just going out and having a good time and seeing how the family’s doing and just having a relaxed day. That’s what they need. It’s kind of what I need sometimes.”

Daly’s group looks a bit different when it’s time for him to relax on the golf course. The golfer said, depending on where he is, he could play with friends from the Tour in Florida, or his “redneck buddies” in Arkansas.

“The beer drinking guys,” Daly said. “I’ll play with my brother — he’s my superintendent — we’ll go play with him. My singing buddy, we call him ‘The Human Jukebox.’ Monty, who owns the bar down the street. There’s about 20 of us, we’ll go out and just play golf and not care about the world and just listen to music and go.”

Of the U.S. presidents that Daly has played with, he put George H.W. Bush at the top of the list. While saying that President Trump is, “pretty good.”

“(Bill) Clinton couldn’t play at all — Clinton was Mr. Mulligan — but I think Bush Sr. was probably the best that I played with,” he said. “(George W.) Bush was OK. Just not quite as good as (his dad) was.”

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