Former Ohio State Wrestler and Jim Jordan Accuser, Arrested

Jim Jordan
AP Photo/Kantele Franko

A former Ohio State wrestler who accused Congressman Jim Jordan of knowing about sex abuse when Jordan was a coach at the school, has been arrested on charges of failing to appear in court.

Mike DiSabato was arrested on Monday in Columbus, Ohio, after failing to appear in court for a harassment charge brought by Ohio State football player Matthew Finkes, according to the Washington Times.

DiSabato claimed that he missed the proceedings because he was unaware of the hearing and insisted that his arrest is due to the state’s “bureaucratic bungling.”

The next hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

Matthew Finkes filed the harassment charge with the Columbus Police Department, claiming that DiSabato continued calling him on the phone despite being told to stop calling.

The complaint states that “Michael H. DiSabato knowingly made the telecommunication to Matthew S. Finkes and had been previously told not to call.”

The filing does not contain any hint as to what the alleged calls were about.

Finkes, though, is a second cousin of Rep. Jordan and the filing claims the calls were made around the time DiSabato was accusing the congressman of ignoring years of sexual abuse charges in the Ohio State wrestling program.

In July of last year, DiSabato talked of the “deviant sexual atmosphere that we were exposed to…was something that we would discuss on a regular basis, mainly with nervous banter — locker room banter.”

He also said that all the coaching staff knew about the abuse, including Jordan.

Not only did Rep. Jordan deny the accusations, but a long list of friends, co-workers, and former students came out to defend the congressman.

Indeed, one supporter specifically attacked DiSabato calling him a “vindictive and manipulative” bully.

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