Nick Bosa on Deleting Pro-Trump Tweets: ‘I Had to, There’s a Chance I Might End Up in San Francisco’

Nick Bosa

Top NFL Draft prospect Nick Bosa, admits that he felt compelled to put an end to his pro-Trump tweets for fear that teams like the San Francisco 49ers would not draft him. Or, possibly to avoid criticism from San Francisco-based media after getting drafted there.

“I had to,” Bosa told the stringer cameras from TMZ. “There is a chance I might end up in San Francisco.”

The possible number one draft pick from Ohio State had become known for his personal conservative political positions, but recently those political posts suddenly stopped.

In the past, Bosa had posts criticizing the film Black Panther, supporting Tomi Lahren, calling Donald Trump the “GOAT,” and slamming Beyonce’s music. Bosa also backed criticism of the NFL players who took a knee during the national anthem.

But now, not only did Bosa stop posting his political positions, he also went through his past tweets and deleted many tweets with a political theme.

Bosa said he feared that liberals in San Francisco or other left-wing NFL franchise cities might hold his past tweets against him and with San Francisco owning the number two pick for the 2019 season, the NFL hopeful thought deletion was the better part of valor.

As oppressive and punitive as liberals are, he probably made the prudent decision. Liberals are not much interested in judging people on their excellence, or the content of their character these days, but more on the content of their Twitter feed.

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