Tim Tebow Is Doing Terribly at AAA

Tim Tebow
The Associated Press

One of the most exciting storylines to watch heading into this baseball season was Tim Tebow’s time at AAA. Would he be successful? Would he do well enough so that the Mets could bring him up later this year and give him a shot at the big leagues?

Sadly, at this point, the answer is a resounding no.

These numbers tell the woeful tale through Tebow’s first 21 games:

Particularly disturbing in that list of disturbing numbers, is his lack of power. MLB is replete with hitters who hit for very poor averages (granted, none quite as low as .143) and a high strikeout percentage, but compensate for that with a ton of power. Tebow would have to hit for a higher average than he’s hitting now, but he might still have a shot if he were cranking out some home runs.

However, with no power behind a guy who weighs around 230 pounds that’s a very concerning development.

Despite his struggles, Tebow maintains the high level of optimism people have come to expect from him.

“I think for me, it’s to improve every single day, continue to focus on the process, and make strides in every area — [on the] basepaths, outfield, and at the plate, of course,” Tebow told the media earlier this week.

Tebow would need to get his average up to around .200, lower his strikeout percentage, and generate some power, in order to have a chance at getting promoted to MLB this year. Do the chances of that look good right now? Nope. However, if there’s anyone who could mount that kind of a comeback, it would be Tebow.

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