WATCH: UFC’s BJ Penn Knocked Out in Crazy Street Fight

BJ Penn
Getty Images/Zuffa LLC/Buda Mendes

BJ Penn has had some disappointing results in his last seven fights in the Octagon. As it turns out, he’s not having any better luck fighting in the streets.

On Tuesday, the UFC Hall of Famer found himself in the midst of a lively scrap outside the Lava Shack Bar in Pahoa, Hawaii. The MMA legend was up against an opponent of considerably greater size and girth, but seemed to have the situation under control. That is, until the his more rotund adversary unleashed what appeared to be two open-handed pancrase smacks to Penn’s head.

Then, as you can see in the video obtained by TMZ, things really took a turn for Penn.


Though Penn recovered quickly, it’s probably a good thing there was a crowd of onlookers there to intervene and prevent further damage.
According to a representative for Penn, the fight began after “words were exchanged” between the UFC fighter, and a man describes as Penn’s acquaintance.

“From witness accounts, BJ tried multiple times to defuse the situation, but was hit repeatedly and knocked to the ground, as seen on the video,” the representative told TMZ Sports.

This isn’t his Penn’s only recent fight at a bar/club in Hawaii. Two months ago he fought with a bouncer at a Honolulu strip club after he was told to leave for acting “very drunk.”

Penn is set to fight Nik Lentz later this year, in what UFC President Dana White has said will be Penn’s final UFC bout.

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