WATCH: Over 300 Birds Killed, Injured After Crashing into NASCAR Hall of Fame

AP Photo/Hassan Ammar

A stunning scene occurred Tuesday night in Charlotte, North Carolina, as hundreds of birds smashed themselves into the side of the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Some 310 birds were killed or injured as they slammed into the windows of the NASCAR Hall of Fame.


The disturbing video was captured by a woman who filmed the bizarre scene for over an hour.

“According to the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue … 310 birds total were found at the scene — with 97 dead on arrival and another nine needing to be euthanized once they got to the shelter,” TMZ Sports reports.

“CWR officials add that 103 more are injured … while 102 others are expected to survive after initially being stunned.”A CWR spokesperson attempted to explain why the birds flew into the side of the building.

“These birds don’t normally travel at night so we believe that their roosting area where they sleep was disturbed,” the spokesperson said.

The CWR is asking for donations to help with caring for the birds.

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