AUDIO: Robert Kraft Slammed Trump for ‘Divisive and Horrible’ Rhetoric on Anthem Protests in 2017

Robert Kraft
Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla

TMZ Sports has obtained audio from 2017, that reportedly shows New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft slamming President Donald Trump’s comments on the NFL anthem protests as “divisive and horrible.”

In 2017, when the NFL was fully engulfed with a horde of players taking a knee to protest against the United States during the playing of the national anthem, President Trump was in full-throated opposition to the players for disrespecting the flag and country.

Kraft’s attack on the president came about a month after Trump had said he would love to see an NFL owner say, “Get that son of a b—h off the field” to any player who “disrespects our flag.”
Speaking at an NFL meeting of owners in October of 2017, the Patriots owner rose to warn his fellow owners that Trump was using the players to his political advantage and it was making the entire league look bad, TMZ reported.

“I must tell you, I think these dialogues are great,” Kraft is heard saying on the recording. “But, the elephant in the room now, in my opinion, is this kneeling, which every player has a right to do if they feel it’s right.

“The problem we have is, we have a President that will use that as fodder to do his mission that I don’t feel is in the best interest of the matter. It’s divisive, and it’s horrible. And, it’s actually the opposite of what you all are trying to do,” Kraft warned.

Kraft added that at least 40 percent of the country was influenced by the president’s criticism and will attack the NFL for a plan that would allow players to protest.

“I just hope one of the things that can come out of here is that we find a way to be unified. And, be able to carry through and follow through.”

Kraft’s attack on the president is remarkable for the fact that he is always touted as a close personal friend and supporter of the president.

Despite Kraft’s criticism of Trump during the NFL’s anti-American kneeling mess, the president has not wavered in his support of Kraft. Indeed, in March Trump welcomed Kraft to the White House despite the prostitution charges against the NFL owner.

Kraft may have been miffed with Trump during the league’s troubles back in 2017, but it appears that momentary anger seems to be in the past. Early this year Kraft even appeared on Fox & Friends to say that Trump is “working very hard to serve the best interests of the country.”

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