Prosthetic Legs Stolen from Double-Amputee High School Wrestler

Getty Images/Jamie Squire

A California high school was rocked by the theft of a pair of prosthetic legs that were stolen from a wrestler who is a double-amputee.

Brett Winters was born without tibia bones in his legs, a condition that necessitated the amputation of his lower legs when he was only eight months old. But the loss of his legs has not kept the young man from an active life, and he has become a mainstay on the school wrestling team at Pacific High School in San Bernardino, California.

The teenager uses a variety of prosthetic legs depending on his needs, and one set was made just for wrestling.

The school’s pride in Winters, though, turned to shock when the teen’s prosthetic legs were stolen from a school locker room, according to WTSP Channel 10 News.

The sad tale was posted to Facebook by the teen’s mother, Holly.

Mrs. Winters noted that the legs her son uses for wrestling are specially made just for him.

“These legs were specially made for Brett his freshman year, with the same material that wrestling shoes are made of,” Winters wrote of her son’s predicament. “They were made specially for the mats and only the mats. My son Brett can’t even practice correctly without his wrestling legs. He has to practice at this time with nothing on his legs to protect them. Very uncomfortable for him.”

Winters noted that one of the legs has since been recovered, but the second is still missing.

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