Deer Mauls Hunter’s Face While Trying to Escape

Jack Taylor/Getty Images

A wild deer collided with a French hunter and ripped off part of the hunter’s face, leaving him with severe injuries.

The hunter, Vincent Saubion, told the UK Metro that the deer “actually took half my face off.”

The attack happened in January as Saubion was tracking a 330-pound animal in southwest France.

The 36-year-old hunter told the media that the deer ripped into his face underneath his left eye and tearing across the bridge of his nose before stopping in an arc just above his upper lip. The hunter said that the blow to his head made him “feel drunk” and woozy from the blow and the subsequent loss of blood.

His hunting partners said that he was so disoriented that he wanted to keep hunting.

He was taken to Pellegrin Hospital in Bordeaux, where he received emergency surgery on his face.

Still, Saubion is not put off of his favorite pastime.

“I am still crazy about hunting,” Saubion insisted. “I have nothing but respect for the game.”

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