WATCH: LeBron James Upset, Walks Off Court Early During Finals Loss

LeBron James
Getty Images/Kevin C. Cox

Judging by the ratings, no one is really watching the NBA Finals anyway. However, those few who are got to watch “King James” get dethroned for a night, as well as a chance to see his highness leave the court early in frustration.

The moment of the James’ pouty exit came with about ten seconds left in the Lakers 115-103 loss to the Miami Heat.

“They actually had to bring five players back on to the floor for a final play, as the Heat took a shot clock violation with just 0.7 seconds left,” Yahoo! Sports reported. “James, though, was already gone.”

James explained the reasoning for his early exit to reporters after the game.

In other words, James had a wambulance to catch and he wasn’t going to let anyone get in the way of him catching it. The surefire Hall of Famer and social justice champion who has won more during his 17-year career than most humans should be allowed to win, apparently couldn’t be bothered to stick around and shake hands, or just face the music, after a thoroughly lackluster performance by his squad and an incredible performance by the Miami Heat.

Seems like maybe a dose of humility is in order for the “King.”


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