Baylor’s Kim Mulkey Under Fire After Saying NCAA Should ‘Dump’ Covid Testing for Final 4

Kim Mulkey
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Baylor Bears coach Kim Mulkey is taking stiff criticism for saying the NCAA tournament should stop coronavirus testing for the Final Four.

Mulkey made her feelings known in a presser after her team was eliminated from the tournament on Monday, ESPN reported.

“After the games today and tomorrow, there’s four teams left, I think, on the men’s side and the women’s side,” Mulkey said. “They need to dump the COVID testing. Wouldn’t it be a shame to keep COVID testing and then you got kids that test positive or something and they don’t get to play in the Final Four? So you just need to forget the COVID tests and get the four teams playing in each Final Four and go battle it out.”

Mulkey, who had the virus late last year, has railed about the “confusing” rules for mitigation of the coronavirus.

“One conference does this, one conference does that. The CDC says this. Everybody is confused. I’m confused,” the coach said in December. “I’m uncomfortable coaching. I understand, COVID is real. I’ve had it — come talk to me sometime. But I don’t know … all the calls and procedures, that’s gonna go on and make it unusual, uncomfortable for every program. We’re no different at Baylor.”

Still, she said the game would go on because “It’s called the almighty dollar.”

The reaction was swift on social media. Former ESPN talker Jemele Hill slammed Mulkey for being a Trump fan:

But many others went on the attack, too:

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