VIDEO: Cowboys Fans Watch Their Team Lose, Then Fight Each Other

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Cowboys wrote yet another chapter in their seemingly endless autobiography on how to lose a football game on Sunday.

Down six with 14 seconds to go and no timeouts, Dallas elected to run QB Dak Prescott in an attempt to get 15 yards closer to the end zone. They managed to pick up the 15 yards. However, Prescott made the mistake of handing the ball to his center instead of the umpire, who by rule has to touch the ball before the next play is run, and the Cowboys ran out of time.

It also didn’t help that the umpire was roughly 25 yards away from the play when Prescott got tackled. One would think that in an obvious “hurry up” situation with no timeouts, the umpire would know that he had to be hot on the heels of whoever was carrying the ball for the Cowboys to get the ball snapped for the next play.

In any event, Cowboys fans were not amused and took it out on each in a series of brawls in the stands and streets.

What could lead to this outburst of violence and discontent? Probably this…

Losing mixed with copious amounts of alcohol, of course.


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