WTF?!: Barstool’s Dave Portnoy, Pats Fans Blast Tom Brady over Retirement Snub

Tom Brady
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Along with hundreds of New England Patriots fans, Barstool boss Dave Portnoy is giving a big “F*ck you” to Tom Brady for not mentioning the Pats in his retirement announcement.

The world of sports erupted on Monday when NFL GOAT Tom Brady, winner of an astounding seven Super Bowl rings, officially announced that he is retiring from the NFL.

Still, despite the avalanche of accolades that have come Brady’s way, it wouldn’t be a Tom Brady story unless there was an element of controversy. And this time hate rolled in because Brady mentioned his latest team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in his retirement notes on social media, but didn’t name the New England Patriots. That despite spending many years more with the Pats than he did with the Bucs.

Consequently, Brady has come in for some drubbing for appearing to snub the Patriots. And Barstool boss Portnoy is leading the charge.

Portnoy blasted Brady with multiple “F” bombs for snubbing the Pats.

Along with his liberal use of the “F” word, Portnoy blasts Brady for “Tampa this, Tampa that,” added, “What did he play a hundred years in Tampa, dude you were there for three seconds.

“You wanna thank Tampa, fine, I didn’t see the Patriots once,” Portnoy said of the various retirement posts Tom Brady posted.

“I don’t want to make this about crying,” Portnoy continued addressing Brady, “you’re not going to mention Mr. Kraft, Belichick, six Super Bowls, your entire f*cking career basically in New England? You don’t say one thing? What the f*ck?”

Portnoy was hardly alone in his pique at Brady’s move of not giving the Pats a shout-out. Many jumped to social media to excoriate the NFL great:

Brady did, though, tell the Patriots Nation that he loves them:

It was also reported that Brady plans to appear at a ceremony with the Pats to celebrate his retirement:

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