Father of Girl Choked by Trans Cheerleader Says His Daughter is Pro-LGBTQ, Blames Herself

Averie Chanel

The father of a Texas cheerleader who was reportedly physically assaulted by a transgender cheerleader is striking back at critics who say he is transphopbic and says his daughter is pro-LGBTQ.

Mike Jones took a swing at those accusing his family of being homophobic after allegations arose that transgender cheerleader Averie Chanel Medlock, 25, choked his daughter, Karleigh, during a Ranger College summer cheer camp.

Medlock accused Karleigh of yelling homophobic and transphobic slurs at him, and witnesses said that the trans cheerleader physically assaulted Karleigh during their argument.

Averie Chanel Medlock

Transgender cheerleader Averie Chanel Medlock. (Facebook)

Medlock told the police that he was “joking” with the choking incident and wasn’t seriously trying to harm the girl. But police issued Medlock a citation for assault, and college officials booted Medlock from the campus.

Since the incident became national news, Karleigh’s father has become a target of attack by trans supporters for sticking up for his daughter and demanding that the school and the police release the full videos of the fight and police encounters.

Jones has blasted critics, saying that his daughter is pro-LGBTQ and his son is gay, so his family are not bigots. But he did add that now his daughter wishes she just locked herself in a room separate from Medlock and let the whole thing blow over.

“She is not doing well. She blames herself. She should have just locked the door, let it blow over, and just come home,” Jones told the Daily Mail.

Karleigh Jones. (Facebook)



Jones added, “My daughter is 100 percent supportive of the trans community. I have a gay son, so don’t tell me I’m f*cking homophobic.”

Jones also said that the video that seems to support Medlock’s version of events had been edited to remove the parts where the trans cheerleader threatened others, not to mention editing out the actual attack itself.

“Can we get the full video not the edited version that fit your narrative!’ Jones wrote in a July 26 heated Facebook post. “As we wait for these investigations to get over, I just wonder when this person will own up to their actions! And stop trying to ruin our lives!”

Jones pointed out that in a video someone else uploaded to social media, Medlock can be heard saying, “Watch your back. Bitch, see me at camp tomorrow. That’s all I got to say.”

Jones told the Mail that Medlock’s video “cuts off because it’s an edited version. The other one keeps going and she steadily is calling them out and says, ‘come out and man up.'”

“What type of woman would do that? You tell me?” Jones exclaimed.

Ranger College has said it is initiating a full Title IX investigation into the incident but does not have any more to say about it at this time.

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