Report: Emails Claim Famed Fitness Guru ‘Liver King’ Uses Steroids

Liver King
Cooper Neill/Zuffa LLC

Leaked emails reportedly reveal that 45-year-old fitness guru Brian Johnson, a.k.a. the “Liver King,” has been using steroids despite his claims of having an all-natural physique.

Johnson has earned a massive social media following since going live with his message in 2021, amassing 1.7 million Instagram followers and 3.7 million TikTok followers. The core of Johnson’s success stems from his message of having an absurdly chiseled physique while claiming that he earned solely from following his “Nine Ancestral Tenets”: sleep, eat, move, shield, connect, cold, sun, fight, and bond.

Aside from his message, Johnson has also appealed to broader audiences with his flair for showmanship, regularly posting videos that often feature him shirtless while performing insane workouts in various iconic locations. He rarely wears a shirt, even in professional settings, and ingests a heavy diet of raw meats that consist of liver, testicles, and so much more. Johnson refers to this as the “ancestral diet,” which his company, Ancestral Supplements, sells to people in capsule form with prices ranging from $30 to $65 a bottle.

As it turns out, the Liver King’s entire message and image may be fraudulent. According to a new report from fitness influencer “Derek Fitness,” leaked emails show that the supposedly natural beefcake has been taking steroids. Per Evie Magazine:

On June 29, 2021, an email was sent from detailing his steroid cycle and his unsettling intake of 16 vials a week. ‘I’ve been working out for 35 years,’ he writes, ‘I know how to eat, train, rest and recover (I even have a hardshell hyperbaric chamber at my house)… but… as I’ve reached my mid-forties, it’s getting harder and the back fat f*cking kills me.’

He continues, ‘To support these exhaustive efforts, I’ve recently started taking Omnitrope… the 5.8MG vials from Empower Pharmacy ($11K USD per month for my new dose which is 4 vials / week – 16 vials / month).’

Omnitrope is a growth hormone that stimulates growth and cell reproduction in animals and humans. He also mentions the other pharmaceutical-grade growth hormones, peptides, and anabolic steroids he takes including Ibutamoren, IGF-1 LR, and Winstrol.

As Derek noted in the hour-long video, Liver King has earned himself a fair amount of detractors since he catapulted to internet superstardom. Podcaster and fitness enthusiast Joe Rogan, for instance, immediately accused him of using steroids when the subject came up in a previous interview.

“The Liver King drives me nuts because that guy is on steroids,” Rogan said previously.

In response, Johnson said on Mark Bell’s Power Project that Rogan sent a “dangerous” message by doubting his abilities.

“I think him saying that is dangerous,” he said. “You know, I want to set the record straight. I would love the opportunity to talk to him face-to-face. To really get deep into the nine ancestral tenets… I don’t touch this stuff, I’ve never done this stuff. I’m not going to do this stuff.”

Johnson has issued no statement in response to the Derek Fitness report.


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