WATCH: Philadelphia Eagles Fans Flip Car Before Super Bowl Even Starts

Screenshot (84)

Philadelphia Eagles fans lived up to their notorious reputation on Sunday when they took to the streets and flipped a car before the Super Bowl even started.

Footage of the violent moment immediately began circulating on social media. Per Daily Mail:

Some can be heard screaming ‘No, don’t do it’ as the fans get in position to overturn the car.

Several fans got on one side of the vehicle and managed to get enough strength between them to flip the whole thing completely over.

Philadelphia fans climbed street poles while celebrating the Eagles run to the Super Bowl title back in 2018.

Eagles fans gave the world a glimpse of what to expect should they win the Super Bowl after beating the 49ers at the NFC Championship.

“Several Eagles fans were seen collapsing through a glass bus stop canopy in the hours following the team’s NFC Championship victory last month,” noted the Mail. “Footage showed nearly a dozen Eagles fans standing atop the glass structure, which shattered, dropping everyone to the crowded street below. The video did not show the aftermath of the incident.”


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