Philadelphia Eagles

Jabar Gaffney

Arrest Warrant Issued in Odd Feud Between Former Eagles

The feud between two former Philadelphia Eagles players has heated to the boiling point as an arrest warrant was issued in Florida for Jabar Gaffney, over the alleged vandalism of fellow player Lito Sheppard’s car.

Nick Foles

Report: Nick Foles Was the Only Eagle Going to the White House

Early reports said that the Eagles planned to send ten players to meet with President Trump at the White House on Tuesday. However, according to a new report, the true number of planned attendees is closer to what you would have if you dropped the zero from that number.

Dan Rather

Dan Rather on Trump Dis-inviting Eagles: ‘Akin to McCarthyism’

Disgraced journalist Dan Rather weighed in on President Donald Trump’s decision Monday evening to dis-invite the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles from a celebratory visit to the White House on Tuesday, calling it “akin to McCarthyism.”