‘Your Body, Your Choice’: Olympic-Style Games with Performance-Enhancing Drugs Set for 2024 Launch

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An Olympic-style gaming event that allows for the use of performance-enhancing drugs will launch in 2024 with the aim of breaking records.

Titled the “Enhanced Games,” the new sporting event will prohibit drug testing, allowing athletes to use whatever drug they wish.

“My body, my choice. Your body, your choice,” Aron D’Souza, president of Enhanced Games, told the New York Post.

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The Enhanced Games will be open for anyone to apply and will be aiming for a launch date sometime in December 2024 as a form of counter-programming to the Summer Olympics in Paris next year. D’Souza described the Olympic games as “broken” and “corrupt,” saying he has a “moral duty to fix elite sports.”

“Fundamentally, the Olympics are broken,” he said. “The Olympics are bloated and over-bureaucratized. The many layers of organizations and committees and subcommittees and federations are an alphabet soup that has created an unbridgeable gulf between the athletes and the Olympic apparatus that is meant to sustain them.”

D’Souza said athletes will “be given a salary and a large cash prize for breaking a world record.”

“We are creating an alternative elite sporting competition – giving elite athletes the choice between a life of poverty and obscurity competing in the Olympics, or financial well-being and the right to build their brand at the Enhanced Games,” he said. “The underpayment of athletes is the core moral failing of the Olympic movement — it is a vestige of the aristocratic sentiment behind the outdated unpaid ‘amateur’ requirement.”

As to the allowance of performance-enhancing drugs, D’Souza said that athletes should be free to make their own choices after consulting with their doctor. However, he admitted that insurance providers will likely mandate some limitations.

“We believe that individuals are best placed to make decisions about their own bodies, in consultation with their doctors. Therefore, we would welcome all performance therapies that are done under medical supervision,” D’Souza said. “It shouldn’t be the place of a sports federation to intervene in the clinical process.”

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D’Souza invited athletes to apply in hopes of breaking world records.

Some former Olympic athletes expressed disgust over the prospect of an Enhanced Games. Speaking to The Guardian, former Olympic gold medalist Anna Meares called it a “joke.”

“It’s a joke, to be honest. Unfair, unsafe — I just don’t think this is the right way to go about sport,” she said.

“Athletes are adults … and they have a right to do with their body what they wish – my body, my choice; your body, your choice,” he told The Guardian in response. “And no government, no paternalistic sports federation, should be making those decisions for athletes – particularly around products that are FDA regulated and approved.”

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