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Afghan Security Forces

70 U.S.-Trained Afghan Troops Surrender Weapons to Taliban

At least 70 members of the U.S.-trained and equipped Afghan security forces handed over their weapons and equipment, purchased with American taxpayer funds, and surrendered to the Taliban in the restive district of Sangin in southern Afghanistan’s Helmand province along the Pakistan border.

Abdul Hadi Roshan / Anadolu Agency/AFP

Watchdog: U.S. Has No Way to Evaluate Effectiveness of Afghan Forces

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Pentagon lacks a reliable system to gauge whether the Afghan security troops are an effective fighting force capable of holding its ground against the enemies of Afghanistan, such as the Taliban and the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), reports a congressionally appointed watchdog agency.

Afghan Special Forces in Kunduz AFP Getty

NYT: Afghans Forming Militias, Asking Assistance From Warlords to Fight Taliban

In an effort that is being seen as undermining U.S. officials’ assurances that security forces were holding their own, Afghanistan is forming local militias and urging old warlords to provide military assistance in response to a fierce Taliban offensive in the northern part of the country, The New York Times reports.


Watchdog on Afghan Security Force: We Don’t Know Who is Showing Up for Work

WASHINGTON, DC—The U.S. and Afghan governments lack accurate data on the Afghan security forces’s manpower, capability, and payroll, making it difficult to assess Afghanistan’s ability to fight the Taliban and prevent other terrorist groups from using the country to stage new attacks, according to a specially-appointed congressional watchdog agency.

AFP PHOTO / Jawed Tanveer