EXCLUSIVE – Jordan Investigates Alleged Islamic State Attempt to Conquer Second-Largest City

TEL AVIV – Jordanian authorities are looking into an alleged plan by Islamic State militants to conquer the Jordanian town of Irbid near the Syrian border, an Arab intelligence source told Breitbart Jerusalem. Four jihadi militants and a Jordanian security officer were killed early on Wednesday when troops clashed with gunmen in the kingdom’s second-largest city.

AP Photo/pro-militant social media account via AP video

Assad Regime Protests U.S. Strikes on Islamic State Oil

Amid reports that the new strategy of hitting ISIS economic targets, including its cash reserves and oil infrastructure, is significantly harming the Islamic State comes a complaint from the Syrian government that it is harming them as well.


Bashar al-Assad’s Message to Troops: ‘No One Is Celebrating the New Year’

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad visited his Syrian troops in Jobar to discuss the damage various anti-government factions have done to the state. Speaking just northeast of Damascus as the beleaguered country entered its fourth year of a civil war, he had little hope to offer his troops.