Iraq Says It Recaptured Town Along Islamic State Supply Route into Syria

The Iraqi military said it has recaptured the western town of Rutba from the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL). The town is located along the militants’ supply route into neighboring Syria, and is considered an essential “support zone” used by the terrorist group to launch attacks in both countries.


Islamic State Bombs Kill 80 in Deadliest Baghdad Attacks This Year

Three suicide bombings claimed by Islamic State across Baghdad killed at least 80 people on Wednesday, Iraqi police and hospital sources said, in the deadliest attacks in the Iraqi capital this year. Security has gradually improved in Baghdad, which was


‘Dogs Are Eating Their Heads’: Ramadi Riddled with Islamic State Corpses

A witness of the Iraqi army’s efforts to seize back Ramadi described a macabre scene, telling CNN dogs were eating the heads of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) jihadists killed in the fight, while those who survived are trying to use civilians, including kids, as “human shields.”


Desperate: Pentagon Peddles Suspect Docs to Prove ISIS ‘Evil’

Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren highlighted what may be a forged document to insist that the Islamic State is in “desperation” mode and “beginning to feel the pressure” of the U.S.-led coalition’s efforts against the terror group.


ISIS Threatens To Take Iraq’s Ramadi

Every recent news story about the battle against ISIS in Iraq has taken pains to quote the administration’s assessment that about 25 percent of the Islamic State’s territory has been recaptured. Pushing them out of Tikrit was a significant milestone, although it took considerably longer than planned.