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Pope Francis Ushers in Era of Vatican Austerity

The pontificate of Pope Francis with his emphasis on poverty has resulted in a new tone of austerity in Vatican circles, with clerics avoiding any show of ostentation in favor of a new sobriety in dress, transportation and manners. Francis

Pope Francis holds a crucifix as he lead the Easter vigil mass in Saint Peter's basilica at the Vatican

Catholic UKIP MEP Slams European Bishops as ‘Federalist Fan Club’

A Catholic MEP has slammed European Bishops for being part of an EU “fan club”. Steven Woolfe MEP reminded the Bishops of Aquinas’s teaching that patriotism is a virtue after a Bishops’ Commission released a report denouncing nationalist parties. The

Photo AP

Beijing Baits Vatican with Illicit Ordination of Bishops

Though both China and the Vatican have made efforts in recent months to better diplomatic relations, Beijing’s recent announcement of its intention to ordain Catholic bishops in 2015 without the Pope’s approval is sure to extinguish whatever good will had been achieved.