BlackBerry Files Lawsuit Against Facebook Claiming Patent Infringement

BlackBerry has filed a lawsuit against Facebook, alleging patent infringement.
According to CNN, BlackBerry claimed in their lawsuit “that the social media companies developed messaging applications that ‘co-opt BlackBerry’s innovations’ by using patented features touching on security, the user interface, and battery life.”

BlackBerry Classic and its iconic physical keyboard will no longer be part of the Canadian company's product portfolio

BlackBerry Partners with Ford to Create #1 Self-Driving Software

After BlackBerry’s stock price fell from $230 in 2007 to $6 in early March, the company’s new strategy — dumping its hardware business and reinventing itself as the leading security software provider for self-driving vehicles — began to pay off handsomely.

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FBI: Hillary Clinton Checked Email on Public State Dept. Balcony

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew that she was not allowed to use mobile devices in her office — so she would walk onto the 8th floor balcony of the State Department building to check her email messages, new FBI documents reveal.

State Department 8th floor balcony (Thomas V. Dembski)

FBI: Hillary Clinton Lost Cell Phones with Classified Emails

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost several mobile telephones carrying e-mails from her private server during her time in office, according to newly-released FBI documents on the investigation into her mishandling of classified information.

pile of smartphones (West Midlands Police / Flickr / CC Cropped)

State Dept. Says BlackBerries Issued to Clinton Aides Were Probably ‘Destroyed or Excessed’

The State Department believes Mills and Abedin were issued phones, but they haven’t found them lying around the office anywhere, so let’s just run through what the standard procedures would have been to satisfy the judge. For good measure, our almighty mega-government does not believe it ever gave a secure BlackBerry to Secretary Clinton herself… which is funny, because she ostentatiously had herself photographed using one.