CHICAGO, IL - JUNE 14: Engineer and tech entrepreneur Elon Musk of The Boring Company listens as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel talks about constructing a high speed transit tunnel at Block 37 during a news conference on June 14, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. Musk said he could create a 16-passenger …

December 11: Free Rides Begin for Boring Company’s L.A. Tunnel

Elon Musk tweeted on Sunday that the Boring Company will begin offering free public passenger tunnel rides under the SpaceX Headquarters on December 11. As CEO of “The Boring Company” start-up, Musk released a cool Instagram simulation video in early 2017 of

SAN FRANCISCO - OCTOBER 18: California attorney general and Democratic candidate for governor Jerry Brown gestures as he speaks during a news conference with Asian Pacific Islander leaders on October 18, 2010 in San Francisco, California. With just over two weeks to go until election day, Jerry Brown received endorsements …

Jerry Brown Blasts Critics of High-Speed Rail Costs: ‘Bullsh*t’

California Governor Jerry Brown blasted critics of his cherished high-speed rail project in a speech to labor leaders in Sacramento on Monday: “This is bullshit … “I’m so tired of all the nonsense that I read in the paper and you hear from other politicians.”

High-speed rail (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

Cal High-Speed Rail’s Four-Year Delay Costs $15 Billion

With the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSR) announcing another four-year delay in building the first link of its system, the cost for California’s ultimate boondoggle may increase by another $15 billion, to $79 billion.

Lego Caltrain (Bill Ward / Flickr / CC)

Cal High-Speed Rail Wins Dubious ‘Golden Fleece’ Award

The California High-Speed Rail Authority won the Independent Institute’s first California Golden Fleece Award for its lack of transparency and a history of misleading the public about the merits of a “bullet train” that no longer reflects what voters approved in 2008.

Dick Ahlborn and Hyperloop (Jack Plunkett / Associated Press)

Hyperloop Promises L.A.-to-S.F. Commute for $30

With the audacious, crowdsourced “Hyperloop” meeting all its technical design milestones, the company’s CEO just promised the L.A.-to-San Francisco commute time will be 36 minutes–and only cost $30.

High-speed rail (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

High-Speed Rail Clears Legal Hurdle — For Now

The California High-Speed Rail Authority cleared a legal challenge last week when a Sacramento judge ruled the authority does not have to validate required travel time between LA and San Francisco during the planning stages.

Brown at High-Speed Rail Groundbreaking (AP)

Bullet Train Might Not Start in SoCal, After All

California state officials may betray the promise they made to Southern Californians that the projected $68 billion bullet train’s first completed section would run from Burbank to the Central Valley.

This photo taken on December 30, 2014 shows high-speed trains on the railway in Hangzhou, in eastern China's Zhejiang province. The merger of China's top two train makers will create a 'world-leading' rail supplier to compete with foreign players, they said, as enthusiastic investors sent their share prices surging on …

Chinese to Build Bullet Train From L.A. to Las Vegas

Even the most energetic free-trade enthusiast can find a few things to be queasy about in Bloomberg Businessweek’s announcement of a major joint venture to build a Chinese bullet train connecting Los Angeles with Las Vegas.


California Supreme Court Could Stop Bullet Train

The California Supreme Court threw a giant obstacle on the California bullet train’s track toward fruition this week, ruling that the state agencies cannot escape the state’s environmental laws by claiming federal laws supersede them.


Bullet Train Bridge Construction To Begin — Three Years Behind Schedule

On Tuesday, the California High-Speed rail project will finally start construction of the route, when crews will start building the viaduct allowing the train to cross the Fresno River, Highway 145 and Raymond Road near Madera. The construction will start three years after the date initially estimated by the rail authority.

Jeff Denham

U.S. House Votes to Cut Some High-Speed Rail Spending

U.S. Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA), chairman of the House rail subcommittee, has proposed an amendment that could cripple plans for the construction of California’s high-speed rail project. Denham’s amendment would eliminate a 2012 agreement between California and the Obama administration that permitted the state to obtain federal grant money without matching those funds with money from state coffers.

Jerry Brown (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

More Construction Woes for High-Speed Rail

The California High-Speed Rail Authority is battling new obstacles in its quest to build the track for the bullet train, including the removal of eight miles of track originally planned to end near Bakersfield, and strong opposition from San Fernando communities determined to prevent the train from traveling above ground in or near their communities.


San Fernando Valley Pushes Back against High-Speed Rail

In San Fernando, seventy people led by city officials entered an open house meeting led by train officials, erecting their own public address system to voice their anger over the train invading their community. The city officials wanted answers from state officials about the train’s effect on their community.

Train to Vegas (Nick Bastian / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

Nevada Legislature Approves High-Speed Rail from SoCal to Vegas

Unlike the bullet train from San Francisco to Los Angeles championed by California Governor Jerry Brown, a proposed bullet train from Southern California to Las Vegas approved by the Nevada legislature last week would not rely on state funds. According to

Dam Train (Courtesy Steve Brandau)

‘Dam…Train’: Billboard Draws Governor’s Response

“Dam [thumbs up]… Train [thumbs down]… Governor, put our water before your train,” reads a billboard message erected by Fresno City Councilman Steve Brandau, revealed this week in California’s Central Valley.


Democrats Vote Down Bill to Stop High-Speed Rail Eminent Domain Suits

On Monday, Democrats in the California State Assembly’s Transportation Committee steamrolled their Republican opposition and killed a bill that would have restricted high-speed rail proponents from using eminent domain laws to commence condemnation actions against properties standing in the way of California Governor Jerry Brown’s pet project, the so-called “bullet train” from San Francisco to Los Angeles.


Cal High Speed Rail Confiscating Farms for Development Profits

Breitbart reported in November that in the six years since California legislature approved the High-Speed Rail Authority (HSRA), just 7% of the 1,100 pieces of land needed for the first leg to travel 130 miles across farm country had been acquired.