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Some Farmers Oppose Referendum on High-Speed Rail

Although polls reveal that most Californians now want to repurpose “high-speed rail” funding for drought relief, some farmers in the area are concerned that the initiative could actually make their lives worse.


‘Water over High-Speed Rail’ Measure Gains Steam

Proponents of a ballot measure that would prioritize water storage projects over the construction of a high-speed train have begun collecting the signatures necessary to place the measure on California’s 2016 ballot.

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Ballot Measure Threatens Jerry Brown’s Tunnels

A measure set for inclusion on California’s 2016 ballot could imperil a plan backed by Gov. Jerry Brown to build a pair of underground tunnels to divert water around the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

Salmon on Sacramento River (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

New Plan for Sacramento River Unites Farmers, Greens

LOS ANGELES — California’s State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) on Tuesday announced the outline of a revised Sacramento River Temperature Control Plan that takes into account the needs of both farmers and environmental interests.


California Cuts Water to Agriculture

On Friday, California’s top water regulators issued new cutbacks on farmers holding senior water rights dating back more than 100 years.