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Bogus Economic Analysis Claims Cap-and-Trade Creates Jobs

An economic study produced by a top Jerry Brown administration contractor claims that although California’s SB 32 climate change bill will destroy lots of existing jobs, that is fine — because Silicon Valley will receive lots of subsidies.

Jerry Brown windmill (Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty)

Cal Senate Extends Cap-and-Trade for Another Decade

The California Senate voted overwhelmingly — and surprisingly — to extend the state’s landmark AB 32 cap-and-trade law to limit so-called “greenhouse gasses” for another decade to 2030.

Jerry Brown (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

Jerry Brown Trying to Extend Cap-and-Trade Without 2/3 Vote

California Gov. Jerry Brown is trying to amend Senate Bill 32, which would extend “targets” for greenhouse gas emissions reduction beyond 2020, in order to pass an extension of cap-and-trade “proceeds” (i.e. taxes) without the constitutionally required two-thirds vote of both houses of the legislature to pass a tax.

Jerry Brown (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

The Dirty Story Behind Hillary Clinton’s ‘Clean Cookstoves’

On September 21, 2010, the Secretary of State announced the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (Alliance) at the Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (GCI)—with the Clinton Foundation being one of the “Strategic Partnerships and Alliances.” By November 2014, more than $400 million had been raised for the project.

The Associated Press

Jerry Brown Inserts Fuel Provision into Budget Bill

Gov. Jerry Brown has decided to avoid another legislative fight over his desire to cut petroleum use 50 percent by 2030, instead choosing to attain his goal by inserting a provision into the state budget.


Graham: I Would Debate ‘Solutions’ Not ‘Science’ On Climate Change

South Carolina Senator and Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham stated that when he debates Hillary Clinton on climate change “we won’t be debating about the science, we’ll be debating about the solutions” at Thursday’s GOP presidential debate. Graham, when asked


Gov. Brown Wants Papal Climate Change Support–While Dumping Junipero Serra

California Governor Jerry Brown will take his utopian foreign policy to the Vatican to participate this week in an environmental summit hosted by Pope Francis. Despite California’s majority Democrats’ intention to banish celebrations of Catholic missionary Father Junipero Serra’s accomplishments, Brown will carry a state resolution supporting Pope Francis’ recent draft “Encyclical on Climate Change.”

Junipero Serra (Reuters)

Governor Brown Signs Multinational Climate Change Pact

On Tuesday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed onto a pact between 12 regions in seven countries, including four U.S. states, binding each to reduce greenhouse gas emissions drastically. The goal of the cuts is to keep the rise in global average surface temperatures below 2º Celsius. However, recent revisions by the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change suggest global temperatures are projected to rise by less than 1º C over 30 years–and perhaps by less than 0.5º C.


Cal Dems Spend Cap-and-Trade’s Billions on Voting Base

With cap-and-trade cash flow doubling this year and growing rapidly into the future, a newly approved “Scoping Plan” requires “maximizing” investments in “disadvantaged communities” that just happen to vote overwhelmingly for Democrats.

The Associated Press

Cap-and-trade Billions a Honey Pot for California Politicians

California’s cap-and-trade tax is creating a luscious honey-pot of cash to sooth state politicians’ spending fantasies. In expectation of the cash available from the “May Revised Budget” to be released this week, lawmakers and their interest-group fellow travelers are outlining ambitious proposals that include funding port improvements, paying for heavy-duty trucks and ferries, nurturing urban rivers, sponging up carbon in soil and increasing subsidies for bus riders.

The Associated Press

Tom Steyer, Greens Question CA Gas Price Spike

San Francisco’s billionaire environmental activist and Democrat mega-donor Tom Steyer joined a group of consumer advocates supporting a California Senate investigation to determine if an “oligopoly” is the reason the price of California regular gasoline at $3.19 a gallon is $.78 higher than the national average, the Sacramento Bee reports.


CARB Targets Rice Farmers for Cap and Trade

The California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) plan to offer cap and trade offset credits to California rice farmers to change the way they farm is like chumming fish. The government’s upfront offer of cash is a scam to encourage rice farmers to invite bureaucrats into their business. CARB will undoubtedly later change the farming rules by mandating the type of severe regulations that will strangle rural community success.


CA Rings in New Year with Gas Tax Hike

Effective January 1st, drivers in California will be in for a shock as gas prices jump. This overnight price increase has nothing to do with the fluctuations of the market, nor will drivers be getting a better grade of gasoline. It’s simply the price of supporting a government that wants to control your every move.

AP/Rich Pedroncelli

Cap and Trade Will Make California Only State with Climbing Gas Prices: State Senator

Beginning January 1, California’s gasoline producers will be subject to new regulations under the state’s cap-and-trade system. As a result, gas prices for the state’s motorists will likely increase due to what opponents of the regulations are calling a “hidden gas tax,” although the ultimate amount of the increase is still anyone’s guess.

AP/Rich Pedroncelli