John J. Xenakis

John J. Xenakis

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World View: India’s Open Magazine: The West Gets Constantly Surprised by Iran

Contents: India’s Open Magazine: The West gets constantly surprised by Iran; Effects of 1979 Islamic Revolution on the Mideast and the world; Iran and India vs Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and China; Massive terror attack on Iran’s IRGC; Coming soon: World View: The Conflict between China and Japan, by John J. Xenakis

Iran's revolution: Political quake still shaking Middle East

World View: China’s Economy Destabilizes as Huawei Introduces Cheap Smartphone

Contents: Huawei plans to become world’s biggest smartphone supplier as it introduce Huawei P Smart 2019; Poland arrests Huawei employee on spying allegations; Chinese economic expert Xiang Songzuo warns that economy shows signs of crashing; Xiang’s Headline statistic: At most 1.67% GDP rate of growth; China’s Five phases of consumption; Major misjudgments about China’s economy


World View: Generational Dynamics 2019 Forecast: The Camel Versus the Can

Contents: Generational Dynamics 2019 Forecast: The Camel versus the Can; Separatist violence in India’s Kashmir and Jammu; The Mideast – increasing ethnic and secular tensions; Russia’s existential threats to Ukraine; North Korea continues nuclear weapons development; China continues to prepare for war; Preparations for a global pandemic; Stock market bubble continues; U.S. debt continues to become increasingly unsustainable; The future of Generational Dynamics

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